What is Branding?

What is Branding and is it Important?

Branding is a term often used loosely to describe a marketing strategy or structure, but what is it exactly?

Branding and marketing should work together but it should be defined first.

A brand can symbolize a product (Coca-Cola), a service (Google), an experience (Starbucks), a sign (Holiday Inn), a name (Nike), a design (Apple) or a combination of these to differentiate them from the competition.

Branding is about showing your prospects that you are the only one who can provide a great solution to their market needs.  Branding should deliver a clear message of your core values, connecting emotionally while building loyalty and credibility to motivate buyers.

A successful brand is a positive combination of perceptions and experiences that puts your company in a fovourable way in the hearts and minds of clients and prospects.

This can be achieved if it is integrated throughout your company and especially where contact with your public occurs.

Research and time is required to define and strengthen your brand.  Your brand is a promise to your marketplace and is an essential part of your marketing communication package.  Branding recognition by your clients is like a kind of respect you just can’t buy, you must earn it.


About artfieldassociates

I am a Corporate Identity specialist. I plan, create and produce complete visual identity programs for Medium and Large Corporations. I am a Visual Communicator. I help the marketplace better understand who my clients are and what they do. I do this by using powerful images and strong messages.
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