No Fooling – Part 1

No Fooling…

An article written for London Business Monthly Magazine by Nelson Campbell, President of Artfield Associates Inc.

 Part 1 of 5

Good marketing isn’t just a matter of having snazzy ads. It can also be found in such basics as smart reception, clean vans and up-to-date brochures … all presenting an “honest” identity to customers. Watch out – your public image is showing more than you think.

A few years ago, there was a nasty comment going around the New York ad scene that the large advertising agencies on Madison Avenue were using something in their campaigns they had never tried before: “honesty”. It’s something so obvious, and yet somehow still refreshing.

Now might be a good time to take off the rose-colored glasses and have a good look at your company’s total public image.  This visual image should encompass the public’s total view of your business, including your facilities, the paperwork that circulates to your customers and the advertising and self-promotion pieces distributed directly or through the media.

Does this vision match the one in your mind? The object of this exercise is to convey and project your company’s best attributes; not manufacture a fictional list of ideal ones with which you then try to… fool the public.


About artfieldassociates

I am a Corporate Identity specialist. I plan, create and produce complete visual identity programs for Medium and Large Corporations. I am a Visual Communicator. I help the marketplace better understand who my clients are and what they do. I do this by using powerful images and strong messages.
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