No Fooling – Part 2

Creative Thinking and Planning…

Part 2 of 5

Look at your company as being in one of three categories, based on the market exposure of your product/service (rather than sales or employees):

A) Large National & Internationally based.

B) Medium Regional & Provincially or State based.

C) Small Urban or Regional Area based.

Companies in the “A” category should be using an agency with national and international experience to provide professional guidance because of what could be at risk.

Companies in the “B” category could do a combination approach using its own internal programs and ideas plus assistance from professionals outside the company.

Companies in the “C” category might find some benefit in the following:

The first thing that any business must do is manage its public image and self promotion in the same business-like manner it uses when handling any other aspect of its day to day operation.


About artfieldassociates

I am a Corporate Identity specialist. I plan, create and produce complete visual identity programs for Medium and Large Corporations. I am a Visual Communicator. I help the marketplace better understand who my clients are and what they do. I do this by using powerful images and strong messages.
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