No Fooling – Part 4

First Impressions…

Part 4 of 5

To quote advertising industry icon, Stewart H. Britt, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.

It is difficult to market a mystery, so be sure your company name and logo still accurately describe your business as it is today and will be for at least the next three to five years.  The visual impact of the building exterior, the reception area, company vehicles and customer contact personnel are often underestimated. A poor public image adds an unnecessary burden for a sales force to overcome when dealing with new business prospects.

You can only say so much about how professional and organized your company is, when new clients can clearly see evidence to the contrary.

– If you are the owner/president of a medium or large firm, phone from outside your company and ask to speak  to yourself.  See if you get prompt courteous information or perhaps some comment that they “don’t seem to be able to find you right now”.  See if there is a genuine interest in asking your name and telephone number or if someone else might be of assistance.

– Gather up visual all examples of your company’s existence.  This might be such things as yellow pages ads, a complete selection of stationery being used, photos of facilities such as office entrances and other buildings such as plants or warehousing along with location signs and fleet vehicles.  Also, collect past advertisements, brochures or trade show material.  On looking things over you will probably have to update your public image to better reflect the way you are doing business.  Photographs of key people in your organization should also be current and kept on file for unexpected press releases and articles.

Having done your homework you are ready to promote your company.

A unified and coordinated look should be the objective when developing a visually strong public image.  A company’s logo and graphic look should be developed as a complete program.  Carry the new look right through the company.   Include such applications as exterior and interior signage.  Public entrance and reception areas are important to project a positive image.   Meeting rooms, showrooms, trade show displays, fleet vehicles, employee uniforms and dress code, stationery, promotional advertising material and product packaging should all be part of the application program.   Consider a company web site and companies that have one established should keep it up to date and add new features or announcements to keep it from looking stale or neglected.  

Think of this as the front show window of your business.


About artfieldassociates

I am a Corporate Identity specialist. I plan, create and produce complete visual identity programs for Medium and Large Corporations. I am a Visual Communicator. I help the marketplace better understand who my clients are and what they do. I do this by using powerful images and strong messages.
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