No Fooling – Part 5

Visual Identity…

Part 5 of 5

Your chosen visual identity plan should reflect your new look and show customers things they perhaps haven’t thought about.  Basic information about the company should form the package foundation and be kept up to date and on hand for general inquiries.  But don’t forget additional “flexible” promotional material that can be adapted to different markets or be customized for new opportunities that may arise.

The use of illustrations to visually express abstract concepts such as service, quality or heritage, works well on covers of brochures, posters, annual reports and corporate story booklets.  Commercial grade still-photography and video productions of people, facilities processes and products are also convincing proof of the reality of your business.  Combined with creative writing and attention-getting copy, a strong and memorable visual image will be left in the minds of your marketplace.

In the end, going from an uncontrolled and sporadic glimpse of your public image to one that is organized but dull, to one that is distinctive and memorable, is a steady development process.  It all starts with but a single step, followed by a strategy for survival and success by setting a pace you can maintain.

Remember, someone once said “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”.

No Fooling!


About artfieldassociates

I am a Corporate Identity specialist. I plan, create and produce complete visual identity programs for Medium and Large Corporations. I am a Visual Communicator. I help the marketplace better understand who my clients are and what they do. I do this by using powerful images and strong messages.
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